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Elder Wong Mei Testimony 黄微长老见证

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27-Aug-2012 My Testimony 我的蒙恩见证
27-Aug-2012 God is the great physician 神是大医生
27-Aug-2012 Experiencing the Power of Healing 经历医治的大能
27-Aug-2012 I saw a vision 我看见异象
27-Aug-2012 A Baptism that sets apart 分别为圣的浸礼
27-Aug-2012 Days He leads me 牵引的日子
27-Aug-2012 May God strengthen us as we sing 愿大家越唱越有信心,灵命得建立。
27-Aug-2012 Words of encouragement and prayer 劝勉、祷告词
27-Aug-2012 God is our great Psalmist 神是伟大的诗人

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