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  Women Ministry 姐妹事工



  • 发展一个支持网络;除了神外,在同伴之间接力与借力
  • 提供分享与聆听,支持与提醒,鼓励与代祷的平台
  • 建立姐妹彼此之间的关系和友谊


  • 社区关怀
  • 小组
  • 姐妹灵修营
  • 烹饪班
  • 聚餐
  • 探访

Mandarin Women Fellowship for woemn is a emotion resting point and a transit to a new journey. It is also a place to mold wise, capable and noble women.


  • To develop a support network for women.
  • To provide a platform to share and listen, support and remind as well as encourage and intercede.
  • To build relationship and friendship among women.


  • Community Care
  • Small Group
  • Devotional Camp for women
  • Cooking classes
  • Dine together
  • Visitation

English Women Ministry (WM) has been a vital part of the ongoing ministry of First Assembly of God Church, KL since its humble beginning in 2006.

WM main emphases and focuses are on caring for one another and to support the intergration of newcomers/visitors to the church by doing follow up and visitation.

Our aim is to grow as women while also strengthening the church.

WM offers a variety of ways for you to get connected with other women. Some of the ways we offer are:

  • Health talk on current medical issues
  • Heart to Heart Talk among women themselves on challenges they faced
  • Get Together Fellowship to foster relationship among women

Do look out for our activities and all women are invited to attend and get involved

WM is a place to belong, a place to be loved, a place to share, a place to grow together, a place to find your purpose.




  • 现今医疗课程的健康讲座
  • 心对心的分享会让姐妹们可以分享她们所面对的挑战
  • 透过一起来团契使姐妹们建立大家的关系




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