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  Men Ministry 弟兄事工

FMC- English Men Minstry 英语弟兄事工

FMC - the English Men Ministry was set-up as a platform for the gatherign of men. It comprises of a committee who comes together in planning, fellowship, caring, sharing, encouraging as well as keeping each other in prayer.

Newcomers to the church are always welcomed to be part of the group. In the process of being connected, we will be able to work and support each other in prayer.

In the past, FMC has organised and managed various activities where the men are connected to each other, families as well as the young and old. Health Talks and Men-to-Men Talks are were always in our agenda.

In short, FMC stands as a group for the men. Keep a look out for programs/ activities which the FMC organises and conducts.

Be part of us. Join us. FMC-for men.

英语弟兄事工成立是为了召集弟兄们。 这事工是由一个委员会来计划,是为了团契,关怀,分享鼓励以及彼此代祷。

欢迎所有的新人参加弟兄团契。 在我们连接的过程中,我们可以一起同工,彼此代祷。


简单来说,英语弟兄事工代表支持弟兄的团契。 请注意我们的节目与活动。 欢迎大家参加。

来加入我们团队。 英语弟兄事工为弟兄。

华语弟兄团契 Mandarin Men's Fellowship



  • 加强弟兄之间的凝聚力
  • 提供彼此分享,代祷,分担的平台
  • 共同探讨弟兄日常关心或面对的问题互相扶持与鼓励


  • 小组
  • 弟兄灵修营
  • 专题讲座
  • 聚餐
  • 探访

A platform belongs to men where they can experience more concrete, abundant and purposeful living through fellowhip.


  • Strengthen the connections among men
  • A platform to share with each other, pray for another and carry each other burden
  • To explore concerns and challenges faced by men daily as well as support and encourge each other


  • Samll Group
  • Devotional camp for men
  • Topical Talk
  • Dine together
  • Visitation

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