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  Worship Ministry 501事工

The Worship Team at First Assembly of God Church is recognized for her lively, Spirit-filled praise & worship.  The worship team comprised of a team of anointed, talented and inspiring Worship Leaders, Worship Vocalists, Worship Bands, Dancers, Multimedia and Sound Engineers.

Our mission in the 1st AG Church Worship Ministry is to LOVE GOD and WORSHIP GOD. Worship is an essential key to a strong intimate relationship with God. We were made to worship God and to bring glory to His name. We live to worship and worship to live.

Behind the scenes, the worship teams put much effort, determination, and hours of passionate practices and rehearsals every week. The worship team members are dedicated to the vision of leading the congregation to a meaningful encounter with God through powerful Holy Spirit directed worship and to experience the truth of the presence of God in our services.

The Worship Ministry serves as a platform for people to grow in their talents and interest in honouring and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ through music; be it vocally or instrumentally, through dance as well as in the operations of Video Multimedia and Sound Systems. Our objective is to provide and create an atmosphere to where the Spirit of the Lord can be experienced personally or corporately. It is a ministry for those who are called not only just volunteers, to make a commitment to serve the Lord in with their musical talents.

Here is a short list of ministries available:-
a.    Vocalist

  • Ministers regularly in the Sunday Celebration services
  • Fulfilling of three basic functions i.e. provide a strong vocal lead, a role model of worship and able to lead the congregation in ‘free worship’

b.    Worship Band

  • Plays in the various services for congregational worship accompany the worship leaders and the vocalists leading in praise & worship.
  • Musicians shall have the three main responsibilities i.e. provide a musical foundation of worship, must worship God while playing their instrument & be a role model in worship and able to assist the worship leader in leading ‘free worship’
  • The worship band must play with great sensitivity to the moving of the Holy Spirit

c.    The Dancers

  • Dance ministry exists to bring praise, glory & honor to God through dance.
  • Ministers to the congregation through specials during Sunday Celebration worship services and other special events several times a year
  • Dancers shall have the responsibilities i.e. must worship God while presenting their dance movement and choreography; do not seek to perform but to use each motion as a way to show God we love, honor and worship Him.

d.    The Multimedia & Sound

  •  This department oversees all of the audio / visual and technical aspects of ministry
  •  Provide the house sound and video content for all congregational services
  • Our Sunday morning services are recorded for local production. Our video recording teams are those individuals who man the cameras and work in the video production booth to prepare our services for local production & reference.

If you have the heart of worship, a true worshipper, who have an ongoing relationship with the Lord Jesus, and love to worship Him; can sing in tune & rhythmic with a strong vocal lead, or can play an instrument skillfully and more significantly, you want to be an instrument in God’s hands, then avail yourself to be used by Him in the worship ministry!
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Spiritual leaders are responsible for bringing people into God’s presence and making them realize "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth" (John 4:24).

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