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  Our Belief 我们的信仰

Our Statement Of Faith 我们的信仰

  1. The Scriptures 
    The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God, the all sufficient source of our faith, the New Testament being our rule of practice.
    的, 源, 绳。
  2. The Godhead 神格
    The Lord our God is one Lord, a Being of three persons : Father, Son and Holy Spirit, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. John 3:34-35; Luke 3:22

    • God the Father. In the beginning God created all things. Gen. 1:1. The Lord Jesus Christ called Him Father when He was here on earth and taught His followers to call God “our Father”. John 17:1; Matt. 6:9.
    • Jesus Christ the Son. From eternity the Son has been one with the Father in all things. Heb. 1:1-4. He became flesh and lived upon earth as the “only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth”. John 1:14
    • The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent into the world from the Father and the Son to convict the world of sin and to comfort the church. John 16:7-15.
    • 独一无二的神,三位一体的神即是圣父、圣子、圣灵,无所不在,无所不知,无所不能,约翰福音3:34-35、路加福音3:22。
    • 圣父上帝。始初神创造万物,创1:1。当主耶稣在世时称他为天父,又教导跟随他的人称神为「我们的天父」,约翰福音17:1、马太福音6:9。
    • 圣子耶稣。圣父与圣子耶稣从恒古到永远原为「一体」,统管万物,希伯来书1:1-4。主耶稣曾道成肉身,住在我们中间,充充满满的有恩典、有真理,约翰福音1:14。
    • 圣灵。圣父、圣子差派圣灵来定世人的罪和安慰教会,约翰福音16:7-15。

  3. Man 世人
    Man was created good and upright; for God said, “Let us make man in Our image, after Our likeness”. But man, by voluntary transgression fell, since which time men have been born with a depraved nature. Man’s only hope of redemption is in Jesus Christ the Son of God. Gen. 1-26-31; Gen. 3:1-15; Rom. 5:19; Gal. 4:4-5.

  4. Redemption 救赎
    Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary, lived a spotless, sinless life on earth, teaching the truth of God to men. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified on Calvary, died and was buried. On the third day He rose again from the dead, ascended into Heaven, from whence He will come again to judge the unrighteous living and dead.
    Christ ministry
    • He is the Saviour from sin, having offered Himself on the cross as a ransom for all. I John 2:2. We receive His salvation through faith. John 1:12-13. Titus 3:5. Salvation is evidenced by the witness of the Spirit (Rom. 8:16) and by His transformation of our lives (I Cor. 6:9-11).
    • He is our healer from sickness. Isaiah 53:5; Matt. 8:16-17; James 5:14.
    • He is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Luke 24:49; Mark 1:7-8.
    • He is our Justifier. We are not saved by any works of righteousness which we may have done, but by faith in Christ, who was raised from the dead for our justification. Rom. 8:30; 5:9; 4:24-25.
    • He is our Sanctifier. God expect His people to live holy lives. Matt. 5:48. He purchased holiness for us on the cross (Heb. 10:14) and our own experience of sanctification is not only by complete surrender to His will (Rom. 12:1-2) but also by a process of his working within us. Eph. 4:12-13; Heb. 12:14.
    • He is the fulfiller of the law. The law is no longer binding as a means of salvation. Col. 2:13-17; Gal. 3:10-13. The law of love is now binding upon the church. John 13:34-35.
    • He is the coming King. He will come and gather us to Himself in the air. Then we will come with Him to set us His millennial reign. Acts 1:11; I Thess. 4:16-17; Rev. 20:1-7.
    • 他是赦罪的救主,献身在十字架上为世人赎罪,约翰壹书2:2。我们因信得救(约翰福音1:12-31、提多书3:5),有圣灵与我们同证(罗马书8:16),同时他改变我们的生命(哥林多前书6:9-11)。
    • 他是大能的医治者,以赛亚书53:5、马太福音8:16-17、雅各书5:14。
    • 他是圣灵的施浸者,路加福音24:49、马可福音1:7-8。
    • 他使我们称义。我们得救并不是因自己所行的善,乃是藉着信靠基督,因他从死里复活是为要我们得称义,罗马8:30、5:9、4:24-25。
    • 他使我们成圣。神要属他的人过圣洁的生活(马太福音5:48),他在十字架上替我们赎罪,使我们成圣(希伯来书10:14),我们成圣的经验不单是完全顺服他的旨意(罗马书12:1-2),亦是让他继续在我们里面工作(以弗所书4:12-13、希伯来12:14)。
    • 他是一位成全律法者,律法不是得救的工具(哥罗西书2:13-17、加拉太书3:10-13),唯有爱的诫命是教会必须遵行的(约翰福音13:34-35)。
    • 他是再来之王。他是空中与我们相会,我们将与他在千禧年国一同作王,使徒行传1:11、帖撒罗尼迦前书4:16-17、启示录20:1-7
  5. Baptism in water 浸礼
    The ordinance of Baptism by a burial with Christ should be observed as commanded in the scriptures, by all who have really repented and in their hearts have truly believed on Christ as Saviour and Lord. Acts 2:38; Mark 16:16; Rom. 6:4.
  6. The Lord’s supper 主的晚餐
    The ordinance is to be observed by all believers “until He comes”.I Cor. 11:26. It consists of the bread, which is a symbol of His body, broken for us, and the fruit of the vine, which is a symbol of Christ’s blood, shed for the remission of our sins. Luke 22:14-20.
  7. The promise of the Father 天父的应许
    All believers are entitled to receive this promise of the Father. They should ardently expect and earnestly seek the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and fire, according to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ. This was the normal experience of all in the early church. With it comes the enduement of power for life and service, the bestowment of the gifts and their uses in the work of the ministry. Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4,8; I Cor. 12:1-31. This wonderful experience is distinct from and subsequent to the experience of the new birth. Acts 10:44-46; 1:14-16; 15:7-9.

  8. The Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost 圣灵施洗的证据
    The Baptism of believers in the Holy Ghost is witnessed by the initial physical sign of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit of God gives them utterance. Acts 2:4; 10:46; 19:6.
  9. Good works 善工
    While we believe that we are saved by faith, and not by any works which we may have done, yet we acknowledge that we are new men in Jesus Christ, and created by Him for good works. We therefore mean to be active in every good work, to remember the poor and to try by all our actions to bring glory to our Lord.


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