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  Act Of Love 爱的行动

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"Act of Love" (AOL) is a Love and Social Concern Program for promoting good morals and building a caring and loving society in Malaysia.
有关爱的行动  一个爱与社会关怀的活动为促进道德及塑造有爱与关怀的社会.

Why  AOL ?
To counter the negative social trends of today such as:

  • the increase in heinous crimes, eg. rape, murder, battery, kidnapping and robbery, many of which have become daily news
  • prevalence of pornography
        - various social problems related to drug abuse
        - continuing erosion in moral values, ethics & integrity
  • To bring about positive actions to promote good morals and build a caring and loving society
  • To raise funds to help meet needs of charities & social concerns


  • 可恶罪行的增加,例:强奸、谋杀、绑架、抢劫等。这已成为每日新闻
        - 滥用毒品
        - 侵蚀道德及廉正价值
  •  积极的行动来促进道德和塑造有爱与关怀的社会
  • 筹款捐给有需要的慈善及社会关怀机构

Targeted Funds Application
Funds raised after provision for expenses will be distributed to charities & social concerns.

Who is behind AOL?

  • People who want to make right what is wrong in this society.
  • Initiated by First Assembly of God Church, Kuala Lumpur.


  • 一群想要改正这社会错误的人。
  • 由第一神召会吉 隆 坡发起。

Act of Love

  • Objective: Let love be your greatest aim
  • Principle: Love your neighbour as yourself
  • Value: The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love
  • Action: Our love should not be just words and talk, it must be true love, which shows itself in action


  • 目标: 让爱成为你最大的目标
  • 原则: 爱人如己
  • 价值:  唯一重要的便是经由爱表达出来的信心
  • 行动: 我们相爱,不要只在言语和舌头上,总要在行为和诚实上

Today we are witnessing waves after waves of negative effects on our society. The tidal waves seem so strong, powerful adn sweeping. How can we, ordinary though we may be, make the difference? Out of the passion to right what is wrong in this society, the Act of Love Program was born.

The Act of Love Program calls upon us to make a difference. The Act of Love Program calls upon us to think again on the values we need to cultivate and calls us to let our action speak louder than our words. This multipurpose organizer comes with positive thoughts and quotes to promote positive values. The true stories of how ordinary people triumphed in their struggles in life are to inspire us to live and work for a better tomorrow. We are challenged daily to think of to whom, based on a positive value, we may with a right attitude, carry out an Act of Love. We are challenged to build a fully caring society that is rich in moral values, ethics and integrity.
爱的行动计划呼吁我们对社会作出影响,呼求我们重新思想应建立的价值,亦强调我们应坐言起行。这多用途记事簿里的正确思想和语录,可促进正确的价值。另 有平凡人在人生奋斗中得胜的真实故事,激励我们为一个更美好的将来生活和工作。每天被挑战以正确的价值和态度,对周围的人作出一个爱的行动,建立一个满有 关怀、道德、伦理和正直的社会。

May we all make a difference to each tomorrow by our Act of Love for each day ......




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