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  Our Dreams 我们的梦想

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DREAM 1 : Quality of Membership
“We dream of developing a church community of 1,000 worshipers to Christlike maturity through effective discipleship and equipping them to share the good news of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. These worshipers will commit themselves to the First Assembly of God Membership Covenant, observe their daily devotion with God, be faithful in giving their monthly tithes and participating in a small group.”

梦想 一 : 会友的素质

DREAM 2 : Quality of Small Group
“We dream of building a community of 100 small groups of loving, joyful and giving saints who will encourage one another and be accountable to one another. These groups will be led by trained lay leaders who lovingly lead, feed and care for those in their group.”

梦想 二 : 小组的质素

DREAM 3 : Mufti-lingual One-Stop Church
“We dream of First Assembly as a model of a ‘One-Stop Church’ where all language services of diverse cultures, social status and different age groups can fellowship together as a church family - praying, learning, laughing, growing and living together in harmony.”

梦想 三 : 多元化一站教会
我们期望第一神召会成为《一站教会》,所有不同语言、文化、阶层和年龄的会众都一起联谊,组成一个大家庭 - 一起和睦地祷告、学习、欢笑、成长和生活。

DREAM 4 : Children, youth and young adult ministries
“We dream of training and investing our time and resources to impact the lives of children, youth and young adults in First Assembly with the hope that they will become a generation of faithful believers and strong leaders in the year 2020 AD.”

梦想 四 : 儿童、少年及青年事工

DREAM 5 : Prayer Warriors
“We dream of 250 worshipers gathering together every month for the combined revival prayer service where we will believe God for the impossible and intercede for a fresh outpouring of God’s spirit with the manifestation of signs and wonders.”

梦想 五 : 代祷勇士

DREAM 6 : Christian Education
“We dream of establishing an Institute for Christian Life Development (ICLD) where members will grow in the knowledge of God’s Word through a life changing teaching process and be willing to commit themselves to serve in ministry.”

梦想 六 : 基督教教育

DREAM 7 : Christian Leadership College
“We dream of establishing a Leadership Institute to equip Christian workers, leaders and pastors for a significant ministry by helping them discover their gifts and talents and empowering them to minister effectively.”

梦想 七 : 基督教领袖学院

DREAM 8 : Satellite Churches
“We dream of enlarging the church family of First Assembly by setting up satellite churches as preaching points as our evangelistic responsibility to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the Klang Valley.”

梦想 八 : 卫星教会
我们期望以设立卫星教会来扩大第一神召会的大家庭。 这些卫星教会将成为我们在吧生谷宣扬耶稣基督福音责任的宣教站。

DREAM 9 : Church Planting
“We dream of our continual responsibility to plant outreach churches in Malaysia and other nations of the world.”

梦想 九 : 值堂

DREAM 10 : Business as Mission and Missionaries
“We dream of sending out tent making and full time missionaries to the Asian countries and other nations of the world.”

梦想 十 : 营商及全职宣教

DREAM 11 : Social concern ministries
“We dream of developing a church community which will reach out to those who are hurting and destitute by providing shelter, care and counseling. This is expressed through the setting up of an orphanage, a counseling center, and other social concern projects and ministries.”

梦想 十一 : 社会关怀事工
我们梦想我们将发展成为一群接触外界受伤害和穷困者的教会社群。 我们为他们提供住宿,关怀及辅导,建立孤儿院,辅导中心,以及其他社会关怀计划和事工。

DREAM 12 : Property Acquisition
“We dream of acquiring land and property where we will have worship and training facilities that will adequately cater for all language services and suitable homes for orphanage, counseling center and other social concern ministries.”

梦想 十二 : 购买地和物业

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